Interior Lighting

We make your home brighter!

New lighting for your living spaces can make a positive difference in your outlook. ShureLine Electrical has the know-how to design and install great new lighting for any room.

Recessed lights are very popular with the families we serve. They keep your kitchen and bath looking modern and new.

Pendant fixtures, mounted over an island, can serve as a complement.

Under-cabinet lighting and the walkway lights in the ends of the cabinets are examples of task lighting. They reduce shadows in the walking area and brighten dark areas over the counter.

Excellent lighting systems keep your family and guests safe.

Give ShureLine Electrical a call, and let us design exciting new interior lighting customized for your home!

Landscape Lighting

We light up your nighttime!

ShureLine Electrical’s impressive landscape lighting skills bring to life the beauty of your home, the natural features of your property, and your landscaping investment.

Whether it’s for beauty, safety or security, ShureLine has many years of successful experience in designing and installing the kind of exceptional landscape lighting that can turn your home into an estate.

ShureLine Electrical offers an impressive variety of landscape lighting fixtures, including:

  • Solar Lights
  • Spotlights & Uplights
  • Inground Well Lights
  • Step Lights
  • Pathway & Area Lights
  • Deck Lighting
  • Wall Lighting
  • Post Lighting
  • Column Lighting

Our designers can customize a stunning plan for your home. Give us a call today

Site Lighting

High Lights? Good Idea. No Problem for us!

With our skilled service crews and bucket trucks, we install and maintain whatever you require for residential or commercial parking and large area illumination.

Call us today to discuss your parking and safety lighting needs.

Pool, Deck & Spa Lighting

We illuminate your pool, deck, and spa

We install and service all brands and all models of pool, deck and spa lighting.

Few home features are as impressive as your pool, deck or spa. These investments warrant the kind of landscape lighting that brings out the wonder of their architectural qualities.

Let ShureLine Electrical create a gorgeous evening ambiance for you to enjoy right at home.

Give us a call. Ask our designers to customize a pool, deck, and/or spa lighting plan for your home.