New Appliance Wiring

You're so excited!  Just bought that new Refrigerator and can't wait to get home and fill it up!  But when you get there, you realize - you don't have sufficient power to run worries - ShureLine Electrical is ready to help get your appliance up and running!
No matter what the appliance may be; a new dryer, microwave, television, whatever your connection needs are - ShureLine Electrical is ready and waiting to be at your service!  We will even provide a free inspection review of your project requirements.  
With ShureLine Electrical's rapid response installation team, we will be ready to schedule an install that fits your schedule. We know it's important for you to have your appliances up and running and the project completed, so rest assure, ShureLine won't keep you waiting.
Call ShureLine today for a free consultation on your appliance wiring and connection needs.
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